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HF (13,56 MHz)

MIFARE Ultralight™ C

MIFARE Ultralight C - is a chip that offers solution developers and service providers the benefits of open encryption. Based on the 3DES encryption algorithm, MIFARE Ultralight C uses a widely recognized standard that provides flexible integration into existing systems. The integrated authentication command set provides an effective cloning protection that helps to prevent fake tickets and travel documents.
Travel documents, vouchers or tokens, based on the chip MIFARE Ultralight C, can be used as tickets in public transport, loyalty cards, day passes to major events or smart tags in NFC-applications. They are ideal as a replacement for traditional solutions for travel documents, such as paper tickets, magnetic stripe or coins.
MIFARE Ultralight C corresponds to ISO / IEC 14443 A standard and operates at a distance up to 10 cm with module to prevent collisions. The solution MIFARE Ultralight C is fully compatible with the existing MIFARE infrastructure, and therefore can be easily integrated into the existing contactless solutions. The existing systems based on chips MIFARE Ultralight and MIFARE DESFire EV1, will receive great benefit because their instruction set is compatible with MIFARE Ultralight, and the authentication commands are completely identical to those used in the MIFARE DESFire EV1.

Main areas of application of cards based on MIFARE Ultralight C chip:

• Travel documents for public transport with a limited amount of travels (e.g., tickets for one trip, tickets for several trips, tourist travel documents valid at the weekends)
• Issuing tickets for events (stadiums, exhibitions, amusement parks, etc.)
• Loyalty cards, prepaid cards
• NFC-tags, type 2

Chips MIFARE Ultralight C, used in the ISBC Cards manufacture:
Operating Frequency
Memory capacity
MIFARE Ultralight C MF0ICU2x
13.56 MHz
192 byte
14443 A