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Contactless cards

LF and HF
HF (13,56 MHz)
MIFARE Ultralight
MIFARE Ultralight - a family of chips, used mainly in transport projects as a ticket for public transport. The information in the chip has no cryptographic protection. The chip card contains a unique code and 64 bytes of user and configuration data. Smart cards based on MIFARE Ultralight are widely used for travel on public transport, as well as tickets to the events.
MIFARE Ultralight™ C
Smart card based on MIFARE Ultralight ™ C chip is an advanced version of the model MIFARE Ultralight ™. This version has DES & DES3 authentication and increased user and configuration data up to 192 bytes. Smart card MIFARE Ultralight ™ C is used to pay for public transport, in loyalty programs, as gift cards and tickets. Smart card MIFARE Ultralight ™ C can be marked in accordance with NFC standard.
Карты Mifare Classic
Chips MIFARE Classic 1K have been installed in contactless smart cards since 1995. MIFARE Classic chips meet ISO14443 standards and are characterized by very high performance. Today, millions of smart cards based on MIFARE Classic 1K chip are used in a variety of applications around the world - on public transport systems, road tolls, parking machines, access control systems and payment systems at gas stations.
MIFARE Plus offers a revolutionary level of security and performance for the segment of automatic fare collection and access control, sensitive to the cost. MIFARE Plus - the latest addition to the family MIFARE of NXP company. This chip is characterized by multiple layers of security, including Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), and extremely flexible integration into existing system based on MIFARE Classic.
MIFARE DESFire EV1 - the ideal solution for service providers who need to use multi-purpose smart cards in transport systems, e-government systems, or in the identification systems. The chip conforms to all 4 levels of ISO / IEC 14443A and uses optional commands of ISO / IEC 7816-4 standard.
Java-cards with contactless interface NXP JCOP
Java-card JCOP - highly intelligent and modern way to conduct secure transactions using plastic cards. Java Card allows the holder to use it for identification, settlement, payment, discount applications.
Chips of family ICODE SLIX and SLIX 2 are intended for identification at an increased distance (up to 1.5 m.) in the libraries, retailers, as well as in industry, as ski passes, and to track the movement of documents and to protect authentication. The chips operate in accordance with standards ISO / IEC 15693 and ISO / IEC 18000-3.
Atmel CryptoRF
Atmel CryptoRF® - a family of contactless chips operating at a frequency of 13.56 MHz. The devices are equipped with built-in 64-bit hardware encryption mechanisms and authentication means. The family chips contain up to 64 KB of user memory and are low cost. CryptoRF chips are ideal for applications that require reliable protection and involve the use of contactless smart cards with payment transactions. They are also suitable for use in adverse conditions - high humidity, dust or extreme temperatures.

LF (125 kHz)
EM4200 (EM-Marine)
EM4200 transponders operate at a frequency of 125 kHz, and are used in access control systems, logistics, to protect against forge products, to create industrial identification systems.
Smart Cards ATMEL T5577
LF- transponders Atmel Series are available in several package options, providing a different data rate and memory capacity. The chips allow to choose the level of protection of information that helps you to create secure solutions to meet all requirements of your customers.