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Combined cards

LF and HF

Combined (hybrid) smart card — a card that combines two or more technologies in a single package. Such cards are used for multiple purposes. Combined smart cards solve two main problems: the organization of access to the room and access to a computer. For example, on a single card you can place a contact chip, a magnetic stripe and a contactless RFID-chip for access to the room. The ISBC group of companies manufactures combined cards with all types of interfaces: contact, contactless, magnetic stripe.

The ISBC group of companies produces combined smart cards, consisting of:

  • contact chips Infineon SLE 5528/4428, 5542/4442; ACOS3, ACOS5, ACOS6; CardOS etc.;
  • contactless basics: MIFARE, I-Code, EM-Marine, HID Prox, iClass, Indala, U-Code, and others.

Full production cycle of combined smart cards includes the following steps

  • consultation on the use of contact and contactless technologies on the card;
  • development of the card design layout or modifications of client layout;
  • production of a contactless card with an off chip;
  • implantation of a card with a pad into a microprocessor;
  • electronic and graphic personalization of the card;
  • advice on the selection and delivery of equipment to work with the combined cards.