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New video about multifunctional RFID key fob AIRTAG®
RFID key fob AIRTAG® is a new evolution stage for payment cards. Multifunctional wearable key fob is used always and everywhere, opens access to all digital services of the Smart city.
The video shows the full range of features AIRTAG®, 10 times a day used by every resident of the metropolis. Integration of transport cards with city services: bank cards, office passes and electronic keys, bonus cards – allows you to live comfortably in a modern city.
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Innovative RFID AIRTAG developed by ISBC. You can buy it on the manufacturer's website or from our partners.
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25 September 2018
AIRTAG® Pay will ensure success in the fight for the Client
Today there is a constant growth of competition in retail banking. The client is offered an increasing range of services: cashback, benefits, promotions, partner discounts, loans, installments, loyalty programs and more. People are more and more lost in the variations of the insane set of proposals and the decision is often taken impulsively, on a wave of emotions or under the influence of bright advertising.

The struggle for the client grows, flows from Bank offices and traditional media to new communication channels. Banking cards compete for a place in the purse, and mobile applications– for a leading position on the smartphone screen. The abundance of various marketing campaigns and special offers is disorienting the consumer who wants simplicity and hassle-free payments.

The client simply cannot physically cover the entire list of services offered to him. Over the past three years, he has changed the card products three times. First, I used a card with a magnetic stripe, then with a contact chip, today – with a contactless one. But do we need all the complex and incomprehensible services to the consumer? Often, he faces unfavorable conditions hidden under an asterisk and written in small print on a hard-to-reach page of the site, and loses confidence in the banking system completely.

The classic marketing technique for creating unique competitive advantages is detuning from competitors and creating a unique competitive advantage. Today, the main need of the Client is a feeling of comfort and ease of use. Providing convenience and 6sproblemnost, the Bank brings the retail business to a new level and becomes a leader in the perception of consumers.

In the area of contactless payments, the RFID keyfob  AIRTAG® Pay has become a product that creates unique competitive advantages. It differs from traditional payment devices in compact size (1/3 of a Bank card) and is always at hand. RFID-keychain allows you to integrate all kinds of accesses at the same time, contactless payments and digital services of the metropolis.

The product developer, ISBC Group, used modern technologies of consumer motivation. A subconscious connection is formed between tactile sensations, the convenience of using the key fob and a positive motivator in the form of buying a favorite thing, dinner in your favorite restaurant and other services. And every new touch to AIRTAG® Pay, fixed on the keys to the apartment or car, reminds of the convenience and ease of use.

This type of keychain has already been purchased more than a million times in various projects for access and identification, which has already shown that the product has become popular.

Banking Technology Magazine, №8, 2018

12 September 2018
A universal RFID identifier for Smart City services is developed by ISBC
The ISBC Group of Companies has launched a new RFID key fob AIRTAG® HF+LF at the plant in Zelenograd. The 1/3 smart card compact RFID-ID combines chips for use in all Smart city services, intercoms and access control systems (ACS). The product is designed for business centers, hotels, resorts, housing complexes and large objects, where identification systems of standards HF (13.56 MHz) and LF (125 kHz) are operated.

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is the most common Internet of things technology today, cost-effective and efficient. A resident of the metropolis interacts with almost all services of the Smart city through contactless identification. RFID key fobs and smart cards are used in transport projects, for contactless payments, as passes, ski passes, in modern intercoms and in retail loyalty systems. But the integration of all capabilities requires the use of a single frequency range.

New AIRTAG® HF+LF, equipped with chips LF - EM-Marine, HF - MIFARE, I-Code, NTAG (1 of them), combines the most common identification standards AIRTAG® used in 60 regions of Russia and are 22 countries of the world.

"In recent years, the HF identification standard has become the most popular. But many facilities are partially equipped with LF frequency systems. For access integration, we have developed and manufactured the combined AIRTAG HF+LF in Zelenograd. Now a guest of the hotel or resort does not need a pack of smart cards, our RFID key fob AIRTAG® HF+LF , durable and waterproof, becomes the key to all services," said Alexander Yakichev, Director of the Department of Smart Cards and Equipment of ISBC.

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05 September 2018
ISBC provides readers for the digitization of Russian health insurance
 New plastic identifiers in the form of smart cards with Russian chips are more convenient than paper documents. ISBC has already delivered more than 2 000 readers of modern policies to 9 leading insurance companies in Russia.

A modern health insurance policy, equipped with a contact chip, received a high degree of protection. It cannot be faked, and the identification of a citizen in a polyclinic, a hospital and an insurance company no longer requires a lengthy manual work.

Within the framework of the project, ISBC decided to directly integrate policies, information systems of insurers and medical institutions. In this case are used ACS readers that works with crypto-processor smart cards. Reliable and convenient smart card readers that meet the standards of ISO 7816-1 / 2/3, EMV, Microsoft PC / SC, make it easy to chose another insurance company by changing data in the policy. The transition is carried out at the request of citizens in accordance with the Federal Law of 29.11.2010. No. 326-FZ "On compulsory medical insurance in the Russian Federation".

"The ISBC Group of companies participates in the eHealth program, ensuring the transition of Russian healthcare to the digital identification of patients. The use of ISBC smart card readers from ISBC simplifies the work of insurance companies and makes life easier for citizens. The largest insurance companies in Russia, including market leaders, have chosen cooperation with us, "said Alexander Yakichev, ISBC Director of Smart Cards and Equipment Department ISBC.

27 July 2018
Active RFID key fob AIRTAG® Pro
The ISBC Group of Companies extends the range of Russian RFID key fobs. New AIRTAG® Pro combines up to 50 smart cards and a "cold" purse for crypto currency. It integrates banking, transport, discount cards. They can be downloaded on AIRTAG® Pro via a mobile application through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). AIRTAG® Pro is produced at ISBC's own enterprise in Zelenograd.

The active key fob AIRTAG® Pro uses RFID technology. It integrates all kinds of cards, contactless payments and digital services of the metropolis. Access to the office and to the corporate parking, to vending and coffee machines, a fitness center, loyalty programs and much more are combined on a single portable device made in Russia. AIRTAG® Pro, as well as other ISBC products, supports ESMART® Access technology.

AIRTAG® Pro has the possibility of a "cold" purse, which allows you to store crypto currency on a physical medium. In non-working mode, it does not have access to the Internet, which means it is absolutely safe, and attackers cannot reach it. If necessary, for operations with the crypto currency the connection to the mobile phone is made via BLE, pressing the button carries out the digital signature.

Unlike a traditional bunch of plastic cards, AIRTAG® Pro is very compact. The key ring is always with you, it's hard to forget at home. The device is equipped with contactless charging of the standard Qi and is compatible with all mobile devices on iOS and Android by BLE.

Just yesterday you could not check the balance of the Moscow "Troyka" transport card with the iPhone, but today AIRTAG® Pro evens the score in the competition between mobile OS. The new RFID key ring after remote replenishment does not require activation at the yellow terminal in the subway, and is immediately ready for use in transport.

"People have long been bored with bundles of various cards that are never at hand at the right time. The new AIRTAG® Pro integrates up to 50 cards with switching capability and customizable indication. Moreover, contactless payment is possible only if you switch the cards with a button or through a mobile application, unauthorized charge is not possible. And even the crypto currency can easily fit into your pocket with the help of the ISBC RFID key fob. Integration of banking and bitcoin with city services: transport cards, office passes and bonus cards - allows you to live comfortably and safely in a modern city," said Nikita Kozhemyakin, Managing Director of the ISBC Group.
07 June 2018
Payment tag AIRTAG® Pay from ISBC combines all functions of bank cards with non-financial services
Portable payment devices are a new stage in the development of bank cards. The ISBC group has developed the contactless RFID-tag AIRTAG® Pay, which complies with the EMVCo standards and the requirements of payment systems. It is compact (24.6x51 mm), convenient, durable and always within reach, which provides an increase in the number and volume of non-cash transactions.

combines all the functions of bank cards with non-financial services. Integration of bank cards with city services: transport cards, ACS passes and electronic keys, bonus cards - allows you to live comfortably in a modern city. Access to the office and to the corporate car park, to vending machines and coffee machines, a fitness center, loyalty programs and much more are combined on a single portable device made in Russia.

AIRTAG® Pay, unlike the usual card, will not break, even if you try to bend it, and it will not be torn. Self-restorable protective coating of composite antibacterial material allows you to carry a tag in your pocket or on a bunch of keys. At the same time, the Bank's brand will always be in sight, next to the client.

A new ISBC development will be presented at the 9th International PLUS Forum "Remote Services, Mobile Solutions, Cards and Payments 2018", booth № 61. The event will be held on May 30-31, 2018, in Moscow, Sokolniki Culture and Exhibition Center.

"We have developed AIRTAG® Pay, an innovative RFID tag for the financial ecosystem of the future. Integration of contactless payments and digital services on one convenient device made in Russia provides new advantages for retail banking. AIRTAG® Pay, unlike traditional cards, is always within reach. It is constantly used as an electronic key, an ACS pass, a transport card, which dramatically increases the number of transactions. The development of ISBC ensures the growth of financial indicators of the banking system and the volume of non-cash settlements of the population," said Alexander Yakichev, Director of the Department of Smart Cards and Equipment of ISBC.
18 May 2018
The smart card, which has no analogues, was developed by the Russian ISBC
 A combined contactless smart card combining RFID chips of the I-Code, MIFARE, EM-Marine standards has been developed and launched by the Russian ISBC Group. The novelty, which has no analogues in the world, integrates radio frequency identification systems of different frequencies (HF, LF) and standards.

Identification of users of digital services and loyalty systems, access control to offices and contactless payment systems require a variety of different smart cards. Citizens have to carry packets of cards that are lost or broken. Using different standards and frequency ranges does not allow you to combine all the functions on one device.

The ISBC Group has integrated all the main contactless identification systems on a single carrier. The unique combined smart card, produced in Zelenograd, is equipped with 3 RFID chips of the HF and LF bands. These include: providing access to the services of the Smart City MIFARE, used for office access systems I-Code, used as electronic keys EM-Marine.

"One of the problems of contactless identification is inconsistency of standards. With the development of digital services, the townspeople have the dramatically increasing number of banking, transportation and discount cards, keys from doorphones and badges. ISBC has integrated the RFID chips of the most popular standards in a single smart card, which has no analogues in the world. You no longer have to look for a pass to the checkpoint or remain without discounts in your favorite store, we have combined all kinds of access and services on a single multifunctional carrier," said Alexander Yakichev, Director of the Department of Smart Cards and ISBC Equipment.
07 May 2018
ISBC integrated bracelets, cards and key rings Moskvienok with the application of the card Troika
Electronic bracelets, cards and key rings Moskvienok with the transport application Troika for schoolchildren and parents of children from preschool groups were produced in Moscow. Using them, children can not only enter the school, go out of it and buy food at the buffet, but also use the metro, buses, trolleybuses and trams. Adults can accompany the child to the building, where the preschool group is, and take them from there after classes. This is very convenient, because the child does not have an additional card and will not for sure forget his ticket at home.

Combined with the Troika application, bracelets, cards and key rings Moskvienok went into the market this month. ISBC acted as the manufacturer. Two thousand bracelets, several thousand cards and the same number of key rings have already been produced at the plant in Zelenograd. They can be purchased at online stores. After buying a combined media, parents need to contact the educational organization to link the gadget to the personal account of the user of Moskvienok. This can be done by a specialist responsible for the information system Passage and Nutrition.

The card has two independent personal accounts. You can replenish the account of the Troika card or record any type of travel card at the ticket offices of the metro, via the mobile application Moscow Metro, and also with the help of the online replenishment service in the Replenishment section of the Wallet of the Troika card on the website transport.mos.ru.

Users can also replenish the personal account of Moskvienok on the portal mos.ru, via the application "State services of Moscow", from the mobile phone account and in cash via the branches and terminals of banks. All available methods of replenishment are listed here.

"Private companies are engaged in production of the cards Moskvienok combined with the Troika card. This became possible after we began to certify and it was allowed to connect bracelets and key rings, developed by commercial companies, to the information system Passage and Nutrition. Now several manufacturers have already passed certification. In addition to combined carriers, they sell conventional cards, bracelets and key rings Moskvienok with a bright design", said Evgeny Simanovsky, the head of the Moskvienok project at the Department of Information Technologies in Moscow.

According to him, manufacturers are constantly expanding the range of gadgets. They can be of different shapes and sizes, but must necessarily comply with the general rules of design and security requirements of the information system Passage and Nutrition. In the near future, tags and labels Moskvienok may appear on sale in addition to cards, key rings and bracelets. The list of carriers of Moskvienok for passage and nutrition in the school, as well as the rules of certification for manufacturers can be found here.

"Previously, the citizens carried packs of various cards, from bank and transport cards to passes to office and discount cards. They interfered, were forgot and broken. Today in Russia ISBC independently produces multifunctional smart cards, key rings and bracelets of its own design, which unite many identities on one identifier. A bracelet and a key ring are not in your pocket, but on your wrist or on a bunch of keys. They are not lost and have a unique personalized design.

The project to integrate the cards Troika and Moskvienok is not the first in the company's portfolio. Similarly, the cards of access to the Rumyantsevo business center, the Moscow City business center and many others are combined with the Troika card. Very soon all Moscow residents will be able to use modern multi-functional identifiers. More than 20 different co-branding projects are planned in the capital and a few dozen in the regions. In the near future, new types of electronic media will also appear, combining even more functionality and capabilities", said Alexander Yakichev, the director of the smart card and equipment department at ISBC.

Concerning the information system Passage and Nutrition

The information system Passage and Nutrition has been operating in the schools of the capital since 2012. Now more than 3.5 thousand educational organizations of the city are equipped with it. This is over 90 percent of school buildings and 70 percent of buildings with preschool groups in Moscow. 930,000 schoolchildren, 810,000 parents of preschool children, and more than 175,000 employees of educational institutions have electronic cards and bracelets.

20 February 2018
welcomes ISBC Group Russia
as a new MIFARE Advanced Partner

The ISBC Group is a well-known Russian company that specializes in the distribution of smart card equipment, contact and contactless cards manufacturing, smart card and RFID personalization services, and information security. The group was founded in 2002 and is based nearby Moscow. As the production is located only 15 km outside of Moscow and 20 km from the Sheremetyevo International airport, ISBC is able to provide rapid delivery throughout Russia and CIS countries.

The ISBC Group consists of the following divisions:

  • ISBC Cards – factory with full cycle manufacturing of contactless cards and RFID keys – from the IC to the card
  • ISBC Reader – equipment distribution in the field of smart cards
  • ISBC RFID – equipment distribution and consulting for mid-range and long-range RFID applications
  • ISBC Telecom – provider of cloud platform services for NFC tags
  • ISBC R&D – development of middleware and SDKs for different smart card applications
  • ISBC Livestock-ID – equipment distribution and tags personalization services incl. RFID technology integration and consulting for animal ID

The NXP MIFARE team honors the exceptional and long lasting support and contribution to the MIFARE eco-system in Russia by granting ISBC Group Russia with the MIFARE Advanced Partner status for 2016.

NXP based smart credentials are ready for the next generation applications in Russia including:

  • Transportation and social cards for Russia and CIS countries
  • Gas/Oil payment cards
  • Various NFC-enabled loyalty cards
  • Identification and secure access
  • Skipasses

ISBC’s latest successful card projects are as follows:


  • Russia, Moscow metro card, NXP MIFARE Plus X 2K, 950,000 cards
  • Russia, transportation and guest cards for St. Petersburg, 500,000 smart cards based on NXP MIFARE Plus X 4k
  • Kazakhstan, “ONAY” transport card with NXP MIFARE Plus SE 1K, more than 1,000,000 cards
  • Russia, transport card for Yaroslavl region, based on NXP MIFARE Plus SE 1K, 400,000 cards
  • Russia, campus card for 25 regions, based on NXP MIFARE Classic, NXP MIFARE Plus S, more than 400,000 smart cards
  • Russia, transport smart card for Russian railway, NXP MIFARE Plus X 2K, 500,000 cards


ISBC Research and Design center
The ISBC Group has its own Research and Design center focused on RFID (mostly HF and UHF solutions with NXP tags) and software development for the smart card industry. The main aim of this center is to provide the knowledge and support that Russian integrators need for the successful implementation of RFID and smart card based solutions.

The showroom includes several solutions based on RFID and smart card technologies for present and future applications:

  • Logistics and vehicle identification (for cars, tracks and railway wagons)
  • Physical access management
  • Inventory management for warehouses and retailers
  • RFID solutions for libraries
  • NFC services for retailers (anti-counterfeit, smart posters, vouchers)
  • Livestock ID management


ISBC showroom_small



02 June 2016